About us

Hitec Communications Handelsges.m.b.H. (Hitec) is a specialized company that focuses its support on the investment projects, export/import operations and private placement programs (PPP).

We have qualified business partners in the above-mentioned spheres who have extensive experience.

We provide detailed market research and prepare recommendations for investors, developers & suppliers before they decide to start their projects.

We are a marketing entity in some private placement & trade programs. We propose an ensured off-market PPPs for investors with a guaranteed high return.

  • Goals: Regional business expansion and development of a strong base of significant customers.
  • Vision: To provide quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
  • Mission: To build long-term relationships with our customers and clients, provide exceptional customer services through innovation and advanced technology.


Analysis & Marketing

Our experts carry out the analysis and marketing researches, develop concept of new innovative projects, count the assumed or planned profitability. We use the conventional techniques of an assessment of investment projects, costs of assets, carry out preliminary preparation for sales, merges and absorption.

Export / import operations

We have vast experience of cooperation with customers and contractors, sellers and buyers all over the world. Local expertise especially in the EU, CEE & CIS regions allows us to offer a full range of analytical, marketing and business support of the export & import operations.
Understanding of the principles and approaches of international finance schemes and instruments enable us to find the optimal solutions and take into consideration the interests of each of the parties of any degree of complexity.


Hitec is ready to deliver goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of seller & buyer. Our team can suggest the most effective scheme of delivery & settlements. At the heart of our service is our commitment to customer service and quality.


Hitec is specialized on deliveries of the materials & technological equipment for industrial enterprises, hospitals, hospitality industry. We are ready to support the project on the all stages of project implementation: • Feasibility study • Financial advising • Contracting & logistics • Custom procedures • Technical assistance

Private Placement Program

We connected to several licensed professional entities that are specialized in offering international securities’ brokerage, asset management services under diversified products and quality services in serving sophisticated and professional investors globally. Many of our partners consider us a trusted and reliable counterpart, providing advice and designing solutions that suit their distinctive needs. Our advisers, many of whom have spent decades in the financial industry, help issuers and investors establish lasting, meaningful dialogues with the broadest possible array of investors.

Integrated Management System

Our consulting services include the development of Integrated Management System (IMS) for hotel, hospital and other ordered buildings. IMS combines related IT components which can be integrated into one system to increase efficiency of business.

Our profession is Information Technology


Collaborative Partnership

We seek to mobilize the resources from collaborative partners and investing them in infrastructure, construction, acquiring, energy saving program and some others focusing on the collaborative partnership with experienced players and high return projects.

Collaborative partnership is one of the key elements of our strategy. Collaborative partnership is when partners work together to combine intellectual and other efforts, common interests, assets and professional skills in order to promote broader goals and outcomes for the entire group’s benefit.

Hitec is an active collaborative partner mandated/facilitator for some international groups to realize the different investment and trade projects. We have established a collaborative partnership with reputable finance companies and owners of financial securities, allowing us to fund our projects.

Hitec provides analytical, marketing and business support for clients implementing investment projects via structured financial transactions under the protective umbrella of optimal risk levels.

We have experienced partners

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Installation and maintenance of hi-end industrial machinery
  • Photolithography and semiconductors precious manufacturing lines
  • Installation and maintenance of clean rooms and production lines (BFS) in accordance with GMP standards